As someone who wears the glasses, he knows the struggle for choosing a perfect pair of glasses. It is a very extended procedure to select ideal eyewear according to your personality. But nowadays, with the advancement in technology and some successful business owners, you can buy perfect glasses online.

Quality sunglasses that secure your eyes and look pleasant at the same time are usually not difficult to find. It would assist if you had some excellent research skills for wholesales glasses.

As I mentioned earlier, thanks to technology, you also can buy wholesale shades in bulk. There are a lot of online vendors in the market that offers you wholesale glasses.

Perfect places to get wholesale glasses

Here you will find some wholesale vendors that sell wholesale sunglasses in the online market. These places are perfect for buying good quality glasses. Online stores offer elegant sunglasses that fit your requirements.

You also have the option to get the changeable lens so that you can get a pair of sunglasses according to your needs. Furthermore, many online stores have glasses according to some specific requirements. These niches include glasses for kids and computer glasses.

The popular sites for wholesale glasses are as followed:

  • EyeBuyDirect: When you online select the perfect sunglasses in bulk, you do not need to wait for your order. As EyeBuyDirect can efficiently deliver your order in 2 business days.
  • Zenni optical: When you face a tight budget and do not have enough time to go to shops, you do not worry. Zenni optical gets you covered, as this site is very famous for affordable sunglasses.
  • Roka eyewear: This Austin bases eyewear company recently launched its sunglasses in the online market. This company can quickly deal with bulk orders for sunglasses. Its main notable feature is that if sunglasses become faulty, you can easily replace them.
  • Lensabl: Suppose you have frames in bulk but do not have any lens. The Lensabl gives you the perfect opportunity to get shades in bulk amount. You have to put the details of your shades, and Lensabl will get you cover.
  • SportRx: There are a lot of sunglasses which are specially built for sports. There are many vendors in the online market and physical stores for sunglasses in the sports niche. SportRx brand is very famous for handling bulk orders in the field of sport.
  • Lonsy: This eyewear company is very reliable for handling wholesale sunglasses orders. Here you easily find sunglasses at wholesale price but in perfect quality. This brand has a unique feature in that the sunglasses update every week.

Buying sunglasses online

If you are going to buy sunglasses even in bulk, you must do well research online as we all know that there are a lot of similar types of sunglasses found in the online market. So, for the glasses in abundance, you can easily buy sunglasses at a low price. Even if you want sunglasses with a specific prescription, then also you do not need to worry.

You can easily buy prescribed eyewear and contact lenses in bulk according to your requirements. It will be good to buy sunglasses in bulk even from lonsy eyewear other mentioned above stores. The first advantage you will get is that it is significantly less time-consuming than the physical store. You must put your prescription and get your order within 2 to 3 working days.

How to buy wholesale sunglasses

You can buy wholesale sunglasses easily from the online or local store. The popularity of these sunglasses is that their steady sales assured throughout the year. Hence sellers are ready to stock a vast collection of wholesale sunglasses.

However, it would be beneficial for you if you did not believe what you see. Everything might not be as easy as it looks.

When are selecting wholesale glasses, you must be very careful. You pick authentic sunglasses and choose such sunglasses that accentuate your look and enhance your appearance.

Here are some things you have to check when buying wholesale sunglasses.


This thing is the primary purpose of buying sunglasses. When you pick up wholesale sunglasses, you should check out the type of protection that particular sunglasses offer you. Polarized lenses of sunglasses usually have vertically aligned filters that block any horizontally polarized light.

If you use non-polarized sunglasses, they will reduce the amount of light that enters your eyes. Due to which that light will reduce your vision since this will darken your view.

Lenses colour

It would help a lot if you chose the lenses which are of different colours. You can check wholesale sunglasses which are grey, and which help to reduce the light. You can also buy a yellow-coloured lens which is excellent for low visibility when conditions are cloudy and dark.

You can also purchase sunglasses that have a transparent lens but will still offer you protection from the sun’s UV rays. You can choose lens colour as per your need and requirement. You will also have to make a selection of the material used in the lenses. You can select a plastic lens or bicarbonate lens, whichever you feel comfortable you should not hesitate to buy.


You must select your shades’ size very carefully, especially when you are buying shades in bulk. When you visit a physical store or any online site, you must select sunglasses of perfect size.

Background check of supplier

As you will buy shades in bulk quantity, it is necessary to check your supplier’s background. You must select the most trustworthy supplier like Lonsy eyewear as it will be very beneficial for you.


We all know that there are many companies which are offering whole sunglasses. When there are many brands in the market, you must be very careful about your purchase. Nowadays, with the rise in the covid pandemic, many physical stores launched their online stores also. So, we must select a reliable and trustworthy wholesale sunglasses vendor that comes to our expectations.