About Order

1, All models listed on the website are ready to ship models. You can choose any item you like, and pay directly.

2, Once we received your order, will check within 24 hours, and confirm your order lead time- usual within 10 days. When some items are out of stock, you will be immediately notified to change other models or refund the fees.

3,If you need a custom logo, please send logo designs and detailed logo requirements in vector files.

-for inventory, the logo design should not be too complicated.

-for inventory, logo technology will be laser or print. When the order quantity exceeds 50 pieces, the ordinary laser logo will be provided free of charge. If the order quantity is too small or too complicated, there will be some expenses, such as printing mold fee or extra handicraft fee.

4, Special packages and glasses accessories can be offered.

Please check the styles of packing. All packages require a minimum quantity to make or print with your own logo. The general order quantity is 500 PCs.

About Shipping

1.For the stock models, goods will be shipped with your own logo around 7-15 days after payment.

2.For any customized order, delivery time will be specially confirmed before payment.

3.Door-to-door air express transportation is usually used. The most commonly used ones are DHL, Fedex and UPS. Goods will be received about ten days after shipment.

4.Goods can be delivered to Amazon warehouse or other 30-party warehouse. The barcode will be marked as required.

5.Freight charges are not included. It will costs around $ 155 to ship 300 pairs of sunglasses from China to America and Europe. The transportation cost of 100 pairs of sunglasses in aindividual package box is about $ 155. (This fee is for reference only, the cost vary in different regions and season. Finial quote will provide once you place order.)

Important: all goods send without duty paid.

When the parcel arrives, please contact local customs to pay the tax. If you refuse to pay taxes, the customs will return or destroy the package directly. Lonsy will not take care of any tax issues.