When first heard the name “buffalo horn”, I thought most of you will be very strange and curious about these glasses. Traditionally, our glasses are composed of sunglasses and optical frames. Most of the glasses are similar in style and material in the market.  

As for the buffalo horn,it is a kind of light, comfortable and beautiful frame material, which can cost so much. Although there are many buffalo horns in Asia, few manufacturers have the ability to turn buffalo horns into glasses. The horn glass frame is made of pure natural horn material and contains no chemical composition. Based on the health care theory of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with traditional technology and modern technology products, the horn glasses produced will not produce allergy and static electricity when contacting with human skin, which can not be replaced by metal and rubber plate glass frame. Moreover, the horn glass frame is hand-made and beautifully made. Pecking rice is rare in the market, so it is very precious.

Lonsy wholesale buffalo horn glasses is made of real horn by hand, which is a traditional light hypoallergenic material. Each WHOLESALE piece has been hand-selected, turned, shaped and polished, which is totally unique. All of our horn is a sustainable and natural by-product from domesticated herds of water Buffalo. Therefore, animal protectors need not worry. We also have great respect for every life in the world.

Buffalo horn glasses not only play a beautiful and fashionable role, but also have the advantages of hypoallergenic and comfortable wearing due to their unique materials and characteristics. Importantly, as a device in continuous contact with the temple of the wearer, it may help to relieve headache and regulate blood pressure. The solution we can get from the above is that wholesale buffalo horn is a valuable asset that everyone should own. What do you think?

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