Do you think making your own brand of sunglasses is quite diffcult? High MOQ for adding logo ? Need a huge cost for it?

Definitely it is not. Contact us now, you can start to make your own brand glasses easily-

Firstly, choose models from our stock- contact us for catalogues or just check on website. Send us models you like.

Second, send us artwork of your logo design and place you like logo to put with. We will check and confirm mold up with you.

Then confirm order and we start custom your own brand glasses !

It is quite easy, right?

And you must be curious –  how do a factory helping different customers to custom their own logo sunglasses ?

The following will show you how Lonsy, as a factory specially serving small and medium-sized eyewear brand owners, creates custom logo sunglasses made with different materials.

First of all, we will introduce the Printing Logo.

All printing logos requires a mold, just the following one.

Metal Printting Mould With Custom Logo

We need vector logo files, and then make the logo on the metal mold in 2-3 working days. Colors optionals of the print logo are -Black, Golden or Silver.

For optical glasses, we suggest printing black or gold on lenses, then golden or silver on legs.

printing logo in metal frame – white color

Because the logo size and position of the mold is fixed, for printting logo it is required that the size of the glasses be similar.Otherwise, it will take a lot of time to adjust the location of the logo, and we will charge some extra handling fees accordingly.

The printed logos are applicable to acetate, plastic and metal eyewear frames.

Printting Logo Moulds We had Made for our Clients

Then is the Lasered/Engraved Logo, which is suitable for all wooden and metal glasses as well as wood/bamboo glasses cases.

CAD Laser design saved on computer, laser on KRAFT PAPER case

To make laser logo, we also need the designed vector logo files. Then we will import it into computer, make CAD drawings, and start laser.

Laser logo on wooden legs glasses
Laser logo on sunglasses lenses
Laser logo on bamboo sunglasses cases

Laser logos can not be erased or changed once it is done. Therefore, we do not accept any refunds or exchange if there is no quality problem with customized logo glasses or cases.

So please confirm with our salers for all logo requested before it started.

The last is Lasered&Colored Logo-Suitable for all wholesale high-grade acetate sunglasses.

Some of our guests think that printing logo looks too simple, and laser logo doesn’t look nice on acetate sunglasses, so we made color on logo after lasered.

Generally, we will laser the logo on the glasses first- same as laser logo,  then add colored oil ink inside. Colors usually choose is silver or golden.

The logo made by this method is very high-grade and will never fall off.

But since it takes too much time, the cost of this logo also higher, it will charge $0.15/per logo position.

Other processing methods of glasses logo include –  Metal logo, Hot printing logo, and Crystal inlay logo …etc. However, these logos can only be used for customized orders, not for stock wholesale glasses cause our stock sunglasses /eyeglasses are finished products, can not be processed again.

For sunglasses accessories – wipes/pouches, leather/carboard cases that with MOQ, logos can be customized according to your requirements – Silk printing, Hot printing, Thermal transfer printing, emborssed …, all no problem to make. please check packages with custom logo.

Hope this article can help you with all the questions of custom logo sunglasses. If you have other info requested, please contact us directly and we will try our best to meet your needs.

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