cartier buffalo horn

Lonsy Buffalo Horn Glasses

Lonsy eyewear started to supply buffalo horn glasses from 2010, after 12years developed, we have mastered the super technology about making natural horn glasses.

Lonsy wholesale white buffalo horn glasses is made of real horn by hand, which is a traditional light hypoallergenic material. Each natural horn piece has been hand-selected, turned, shaped and polished, which is totally unique. All of our horn is a sustainable and natural by-product from domesticated herds of water Buffalo. Therefore, animal protectors need not worry. We also have great respect for every life in the world.

For custom horn glasses, of couse it is no problem. Send us email of your logo,drawing  and details request, we will work your idea out of natural buffalo horn material.

Here you can find how lonsy, as a professional buffalo horn glasses supplier, choose and manufactuer horn glasses frames.

So please don’t heisitate to contact us when you like to find a professional buffalo horn glasses manufacturer. For more info about how to make horn glasses, please click to check.


About Lonsy Buffalo Horn Glasses-

.All the material we used is legel import from india, there won’t be any animal get illegal hunting cause of the horns.

.All horn glasses are handmade by strict process,since the material used is natural,there won’t be two exactly same horn glasses on the world.

.Cause it is hard to draw the horn material into glasses,and the process cost is high,the glasses is rare and expensive.